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Requesting Fast Payday Loans

Do you have a few expenses you need to take care of, but you’re out of cash? That’s what payday loans are good for. They can fill in the gap between paychecks when you have bills, expenses or purchases that can’t wait. They’re quick to get and you can use the money for anything needed.


Quick and Professional Response

When you send your online request form to My City Payday Loans, you can be sure that it will be taken seriously. If your loan request is accepted, you will get a fast reply from a trusted lender.


Cash in Your Pocket

There’s no reason for you to wait until your next paycheck comes through to pay today’s expenses. Whatever you need the cash for, you can ask for a payday loan to take care of it. Contact us today!


Fast Submission

To get started on your payday loan, you can go to the inquiry form, fill in the blanks and submit it to us anytime. It is short, so you can plan on getting it finished in a matter of a few minutes.


We’re Here for You

We don’t want you to feel alone in your search for a lender. We are here to help, and you can contact us through our website 24/7. Feel free to reach out to us!

Reasons to Choose My City Payday Loans

You’re Always Welcome

We are always available to help you get started on your quick loan process. Reach out to our professional customer service team for answers.

No Pressure to Sign

When you’re accepted by one of our payday lenders, you’ll get a loan draft to sign. You won’t be pressured into signing anything though, because you’re not under any obligation to sign it. We’re just here to help!

Quick Service You Can Trust

We want you to feel confident that you are getting great service. Our customer service reps will work hard on your behalf, to help you find a lender.

No Wasted Time

There’s no reason for you to waste time filling out a lot of forms and questionnaires when you need money quickly. Use our easy-to-use online inquiry system for easy in and easy out!

About Us

Reach out to us when you’re in need of quick cash!

Payday loans can be an easy answer to your need for money today. They are fast to get and when you get the money, you can spend it however you please with no restrictions. Since they are paid back with your next salary, you won’t have to worry about monthly payments hanging over your head for the next 12 or 24 months. They are quick loans that you can get for any purpose. You get the cash, use it for what you need, pay it back and go on! You’re finished!

We can help lead you to a trusted lender who might be able to fulfil your need for a fast loan. These are loans that are short-term and meant to help you get over a temporary set-back in your finances or to handle some expenses that you weren’t expecting. We will help you find a lender who is flexible with credit types and can prepare your money quickly. We understand your frustration, that your paycheck isn’t due yet but you need money today.

Don’t waste your time looking for the right lender by yourself. Take advantage of our free service and let us help you! You’ll get your money fast and can take care of your expenses right away.

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