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About Us

From one person to the next, there’s no difference when it comes to a need for cash. Everyone needs a steady flow of cash to keep going, and we want to help. Unfortunately, salaries are set to be paid on certain dates throughout the month. But what happens when you need money before the date it is scheduled to arrive? That’s where My City Payday Loans can help. We will help you find a lender who can give you a fast cash loan.

Money to fit your needs

Not everyone or each expense can wait until your next salary is expected to arrive. That’s ok, because you are welcome to request a payday loan to handle today’s expenses that won’t wait.

No Long Waits

If you need money urgently, the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting and wondering how to get it. Let us help you today when you send in your online request for a payday loan.

Enjoy our service

We offer our help in finding a lender at no charge. Our free service has no hidden fees somewhere that you should worry about! When the lender sends you an offer, all expenses are listed.

Benefits of Payday Loans

Ready when you are

Just because you have a good salary and it’s due to arrive in the next few days doesn’t mean you can wait for it. There are some emergencies that just cannot wait until payday! If you ever find yourself in that situation, we want to help. Whenever you need extra cash, let us share your needs with our lenders.

Convenient payday loans

One of the benefits of payday loans is that when your next money arrives in your account, it goes to pay off your loan. Without monthly payments to worry about, you can just pick up and go on with your daily life. Your urgent expenses were already paid with your payday loan.

Borrowing made easy!

It’s not necessary to make appointments, get stuck on the telephone or drive into a local loan office when you need quick funds. Wherever you are, you can pull out your smartphone, send us your request and get quick answers.

Have any questions left? Get the answers now!

Payday loans are a type of personal loans, but they are very short-term. In fact, they can be only for a few days, depending on when your next salary is due. Since your next paycheck will repay your payday loan in full, they are for less money than a personal loan might be. When your money comes in and the loan is paid off, you are free from any ongoing payments. WIth other types of personal loans, that is not always the case. Personal loans are typically for larger amounts with monthly payments spread out over a specific term.

The amount of your online payday loan is limited to the anticipated amount of your next paycheck. That’s because the next salary needs to cover the cost of the payday loan. This is what makes them short term.

To get a payday loan quickly, go to the My City Payday Loans website to locate the online inquiry form. That can be sent in anytime. With the details provided on the short form, our staff will begin sharing your cash needs with our team of trusted lenders. It can all happen very quickly, but it depends on when you send us your request. When you get a loan offer, you can work directly with your lender to get your money.

When you fill in the online inquiry form, you will see what is needed. Besides proof of your identity with a government issued ID, you’ll need a bank account, a valid email account and documentation of your income.

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