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Loans are created in such a way that your next salary will be adequate to pay the loan off in full. The amount you can get is directly related to your expected income. In this way, you won’t be left with payments at all!

The amount of time it takes in finding a lender depends on when you send us your request form. Send it now, so we can begin sharing your details with our lenders. When one of them accepts your request and submits an offer, sign it and ask your lender how quickly the money can be prepared.

Loans are designed to fit your specific needs. They are based on your income, so that they will be repaid when your next paycheck arrives. They are the exact amount to be paid off and leave you with no lingering payments to be made.

When you sign the loan offer and get your money, you are able to use it for anything. We always suggest that you use it responsibly, taking into consideration that the amount of your loan will be deducted from your account when your next paycheck comes through. Use it as you wish according to your urgent needs.

Let’s talk about this example to understand how loans can help you. Let’s say you’re 5 days away from your next expected salary. But today, you get an urgent bill that can’t wait 5 days to be paid. What can you do? You can basically get an advance on your next salary by requesting a loan. When you get the money, use it for the urgent expense and when your salary does arrive, that emergency expense will have already been paid. The amount of your loan will be automatically deducted from your bank account with the arrival of your salary.

Anytime you take out a loan and pay it back quickly, according to the contract you sign, it can help build up a better credit history.

To be sure you won’t be hit with hidden fees, send your online request form to us at My City Loans and let us lead you to a trusted lender. You won’t have any hidden fees from our lenders!

Don’t worry about your credit history at all. Our lenders accept requests from a wide variety of credit types. They use their own set of criteria to make a lending decision, so don’t wait! Send us your online inquiry form today!

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